Tuesday, February 14, 2006

RFID at Walmart

As we witness the modern conveniences of technology seep into our lives at what cost is it to us? How much is it worth to save fractions of a second a day to lose our privacy? Companies are making millions on selling YOUR personal information so they can in turn MAKE MORE MONEY. Now America's Super Store WALMART is using a small radio transmitter embedded within the packaging of products on their store shelves, and they claim it cannot be tracked outside their store. Well I beg to differ on that Mr. Walton. IBM is currently running TV ads that clearly show that radio tags, or RFID as it is known, can help lost truckers on the highways, the ad shows a lost pair of truckers hauling products through the desert, they slam on the breaks because a woman is sitting in a desk in the middle of the road, they ask, WHAT ARE YOU DOIN OUT HERE? She replies, "the packages in your truck told us you were lost, I am here to get you back on the right path" and the commercial ends. Wal-Mart tells us the RFID tags in the products can't be tracked outside the store but IBM tells us they can track RFID tagged products in the middle of the DESERT!?! Do you want companies physically tracking you and the products you buy, so they can monitor your buying habits and make EVEN more money?

We need to put an end to all this RFID tracking business NOW, before it gets out of hand, it is seeping in under the radar but you can make a change by not shopping at stores, like Wal-Mart that use RFID.

Watch these videos:

Alex Jones- The Microchip:


Self-Implanting Slaves:

John Roberts Qustioned about Microchiping Americans:

Verichip on WNYW:

Bonus Video- Loose Change 2E:


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