Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Padilla: The American Terrorist and Template For Removing Your Rights

You may have heard the name Jose Padilla thrown around the past few days, that’s because, he was finally charged with a crime after being detained on suspicion alone since MAY 2002, Detained on suspicion of ploting to use a dirty bomb in an American city. That’s great you say? He’s a terrorist who cares you say? Well Padilla also happens to be an American Citezen, who is afforded the rights given to us by our Constitution.

Mike Whitney of Informationclearinghouse.info wrote: The case of Jose Padilla is quite simply the most important case in the history of the American judicial system. Hanging in the balance are all the fundamental principles of American jurisprudence including habeas corpus, due process and "the presumption of innocence". All of those basic concepts were suddenly revoked by a 3 judge panel.

the 4th Circuit Court, ruled that the President had the right to indefinitely imprison American citizens without charge and without any legal means for the accused to challenge the terms of his detention.

Whitney goes on to say, and I agree, “Americans seem unaware of the great loss we've all suffered by the Padilla verdict. If the President is allowed to arbitrarily decide who has "inalienable rights", than those rights become the provisional gifts of the government rather than a reliable shield against the abuse of state power. It means that every American citizen is as vulnerable to the same violation of human rights as the men currently imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay. It also means that the legal wall that shelters the citizen from the random violence of the political establishment has been reduced to rubble. The Padilla ruling is the 2nd blackest day in American history. On September 11 over 3000 Americans lost their lives, and on September 10, 2005 over 296 million Americans lost one more part of the bill of rights.


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