Thursday, October 06, 2005

Land of the Free*

A couple things I wanted to say today... While driving to work Monday morning I noticed a sharp looking Jaguar S-Type with special plates. These license plates had the State of Illinois Seal as a watermark behind the number 43 or 47, the number escapes me now... And on the right and left side of the plate said, Illinois House or Senate... Any way this guy was a bigwig of some sort. As I looked in through his rear window I could see that this jerk was talking on his cell phone, without a headset!!! Now, I know they just passed a ridiculous law that bans talking on your cell phone while driving, unless you have a headset... But this politician was just jabbering away... of all days I leave my camera at home. If I would have had it with me I would have got out of my car and ran up to his window and asked him why he thinks he can drive and talk and the rest of us cannot... man I was angry... I will be on the lookout for that scumbag... mark my words. Just because they make the laws doesn't mean they don't have to follow them.

Then on my way home from work I was jamming to some Pink Floyd from the Ummagumma album at an intersection. There was a bus in front of me with his flashers on, I assumed he was waiting for his new passengers to get situated. As I was sitting there a man in a CTA (Chicago Transit authority) uniform walks up to my car and tells me to "go ahead and turn right in front of the bus, I'm the driver and I need to do some work on the engine." I thought to myself that is odd, you can get a ticket for turning right in front of a bus... but if the driver is out and the bus isn't going anywhere it must be okay... so I pull up along side the bus and notice there is a driver at the wheel... and he is proceeding to drive forward... WHAT THE HELL?!?! I was just about to turn in front of the bus at the instruction of the "driver" in the CTA uniform... glad I didn't listen to that jerk... I would have been T-boned by the bus with a ticket to boot... What a fine city we live in.

Next order of business... the Chicago Smoking Ban. How many more things will be required to do or be restricted from doing before this country is no longer the land of the free*? They want to impose a smoking ban in the City because one employee of a restaurant claims she got cancer from working 8 hours a day for 20 years in a restaurant. I call BULLSHIT! This woman has been appearing before the city council, on TV commercials, and radio ads... I find it amazing that in here little sob story she says, "My doctor says I LIKELY got throat cancer from working in the restaurant industry." The key word here lady is LIKELY... can we look that up?

like·ly ( P ) Pronunciation Key (lkl)adj. like·li·er, like·li·est Possessing or displaying the qualities or characteristics that make something probable: They are likely to become angry with him. Within the realm of credibility; plausible: not a very likely excuse. Apparently appropriate or suitable: There were several likely candidates for the job. Apt to achieve success or yield a desired outcome; promising: a likely topic for investigation. Attractive; pleasant: found a likely spot under a shady tree for the picnic. adv. Usage Problem Probably.

Well that says it all folks... her diagnosis was based on a probability, a non-conclusive decision. Give me a break!

Does a coal-miner complain about "Black Lung" every time he goes to work? NO, he just keeps on truckin... This woman is a loser a puppet for the Cancer foundations that claim second hand smoke kills... I CALL BULLSHIT on that as well! Have you read the studies that claim that second hand smoke doesn't kill? Well they are out there find them yourself.

I agree second hand smoke can be annoying and a little uncomfortable when you are trying to eat a prime rib but hell... ok... SIT IN THE NON-SMOKING SECTION. Get over it, your Nazi doctrines will not restrict my "life choices"... If you want to restrict smoking in a restaurant... hmmm... maybe I will fly with that.... but on to the mother of the question... You want to restrict smoking in BARS? You have got to be kidding me! If I want to have a smoke and a beer in some dark corner of the earth... let it be. It's not like these bars are the opium dens of the late 1800's... causing people to forsake their families so they can smoke and drink... well maybe some alcoholics do... but really... why ban smoking in a Pub, beer garden, lounge or bar? DO they really care about our health that bad? And when was it the Government's job to legislate for the safety of our health? Seatbelts, cell-phones, smoking... $$$ Fine me and they get paid... the dirty bastards... and they do it in the name of safety... just like they burned our freedoms with the Patriot Act... but I digress, back to the safety issue... what will happen to all the smokers that wish to enjoy a cigarette and a cold drink on a frosty Chicago winter night? Are they not concerned with the chance people may get frostbitten, catch a nasty cold, pr get hypothermia? What about the dark neighborhood holes in the wall that are buried in a residential area... loud, drunk, smokers outside disturbing the peace so that the 3 non-smokers inside can have "cleaner" lungs... these Cancer foundations are nothing but Nazi Front Groups imposing the will of the few on the masses... all in the name of safety... it makes me puke...

Welcome to the "Land of the Free*"

* Your freedom is contingent that you follow all the rules and regulations made up by corrupt politicians, and added to state and local municipalities and the US Constitution, so that they can pad their wallets with your hard earned dollar(the worthless dollar they print).