Friday, July 15, 2005

Chicago City of Crooks!


I again walked out my building this morning to where I had parked my car... It was there, no tickets, no boot... Today will be a good day. I walk down to the Treasure Island to get some groceries and upon my return I notice most of the cars on the street are gone except for three. Mine is still there but what do I see? A bright orange ticket! I look up at some of the trees and street posts and see that orange paper signs had been posted, attached with twine. "NO PARKING FRIDAY - STREET CLEANING." When were they posted? They weren't there yesterday. Now I have a gift from the City of Chicago, thank's Daley you slimy crook!

So they can just put up a sign whenever they wish and ticket the citiezens of their city at will, I guess... And what recourse do I have, does anyone have? You can send in the ticket and dipute it... but then you get a little letter back saying, "We have no concern for you you meaningless taxpayer, pay up or we will hold your car hostage in our massive city pound"

Once again the "City that works for itself!"

Check out this video of a Chicago Police Tow... they have no respect for your car.