Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The City That Works For Itself

So... I walked out the front of my building this morning and wandered on down to the place where I parked my car and noticed a marking on the road. A tire had been dragged in the while the car was in park, and my car was no where to be found. Franticly I paced up and down the street, "maybe I just forgot where I parked my car." I thought.... "Maybe I should have paid those two parking tickets... but they need three to tow" my mind raced. I found a telephone number on a city sign and called it, "Sorry, Sir.... we haven't towed any cars from that location, today or yesterday, call this number 773-265-7605 if you need more info..." the lazy City of Chicago employee responded. I then called the number and spoke to what sounded like a Chicago Police Dispatch Officer. I didn't know the license plate number... I just bought the car. I tracked down the vin# from my car insurance card and told the Officer the number, "....oh yeah got it right here... towed it Monday night... no sticker... cubs game... you can't park during a Chicago Cubs game... it's over at Pound 6 on 701 N. Sacramento... and you owe $180... get a sticker..." I don't even reside in Chicago... and I need a sticker to park my car? So long story short... I lost a day of work plus the $180 to buy back my car from the city.... they will sell your car if you don't claim it in enough time you know... Mayer Daley is a crook and I hope he is prosecuted for all the slimy deals he does in "The City That Works" or should I say "The City That Works for Itself!"


Blogger Charlie McQ said...

The Law is an arse towing a car away because of a game. The law needs to fight crime and not help City Hall to fill their pockets. Chicago may be known as the windy city but it also has a great deal of windy politicians. Since the days of when Al Capone ruled the city and City Hall was on the take, things just don't change. What a shame. When will we have politicians who are there for the people and not just for themselves

4/09/2006 2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was very interested to to watch your video but all i can tell u is that you are not America you don't change my veiw about 9/11. First of all dust seen blowing out from windows from the twin towers is caused not by explotions but from a pressure differents. Building 7 fell because of a sismic wave no building that i think that is in the New York city is actually "earthquakeproof". Also the trade building fell because a plane weighing in at around 100 ton going over 200 miles an hour at full throtle will destroy any joints blown the floors hit. Try this have one person(person A) stand about 100ft away from a person bigger and heavier(person B) then have person b run into person a and see what happens also if you want the videos from the gas station and the hotel near the Pentagon you as an American have the right to write to the government and pay for the copyright to get the videos the earlier videos do show a plane going into the pentagon. If anyone wants to disprove me you have te right as "AMERICANS" to do so

5/30/2006 8:10 AM  

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