Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The City That Works For Itself

So... I walked out the front of my building this morning and wandered on down to the place where I parked my car and noticed a marking on the road. A tire had been dragged in the while the car was in park, and my car was no where to be found. Franticly I paced up and down the street, "maybe I just forgot where I parked my car." I thought.... "Maybe I should have paid those two parking tickets... but they need three to tow" my mind raced. I found a telephone number on a city sign and called it, "Sorry, Sir.... we haven't towed any cars from that location, today or yesterday, call this number 773-265-7605 if you need more info..." the lazy City of Chicago employee responded. I then called the number and spoke to what sounded like a Chicago Police Dispatch Officer. I didn't know the license plate number... I just bought the car. I tracked down the vin# from my car insurance card and told the Officer the number, "....oh yeah got it right here... towed it Monday night... no sticker... cubs game... you can't park during a Chicago Cubs game... it's over at Pound 6 on 701 N. Sacramento... and you owe $180... get a sticker..." I don't even reside in Chicago... and I need a sticker to park my car? So long story short... I lost a day of work plus the $180 to buy back my car from the city.... they will sell your car if you don't claim it in enough time you know... Mayer Daley is a crook and I hope he is prosecuted for all the slimy deals he does in "The City That Works" or should I say "The City That Works for Itself!"